2022-11-30 E-Edition

‘Not impressed’

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Prosecutor alludes to second suspect in the deaths of Carroll County teens
Richard Allen’s attorney files for Change of Venue

Richard Allen may not have acted alone. That was the word from Prosecutor Nick McLeland to Special Judge Fran Gull on Tuesday, Nov. 22. Allen, 50, of Delphi, has been charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of Abby Williams and Libby German. The two teenage girls went missing after hiking along the Monon High Bridge Trail on […]

Attorney: Trial could be held behind closed doors

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Margaret Christensen says it was “frustrating” to not be heard in Carroll County Court on Nov. 22 when the very thing she was fighting for is public access. Christensen, an attorney, represents media outlets fighting for access to the probable cause affidavit and charging document in the case of Richard Allen. Allen, age 50, is charged with two counts of […]

Smock paints picture of military service over seas

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Thirty-seven-and-a-half years in the military is a long time, considering military retirement comes at 20 years, but that just goes to show Bill Smock’s commitment to service for his country and his art. Born in Frankfort, Smock graduated from Hebron High School. Then he attended the University of Indianapolis. After he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1971, the war […]

Oldenkamp to resign from City Council

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The City of Monticello gained a police officer and lost a city councilman at the Nov. 21 meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor Cathy Gross swore in Walker Donley as a new officer for the Monticello Police Department. His mother, Stacy Steele, held the Bible. At the end of the meeting, Dan Oldenkamp announced his resignation at the […]

Twin Lakes students’ privacy questioned

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A comment by Twin Lakes High School Dean of Students William Robbins that was shared on social media has many questioning if privacy will be a thing of the past for the school’s students. On Tuesday, Nov. 22, two recordings were shared through a Snapchat Story of a student that was in a disciplinary hearing with school administrators. The News […]


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How well do you know White County history 1) The Barsmith Ice Company out of Chicago built the pictured refrigeration add-on for the old wooden iceboxes. In what year did they commit to moving into the old Pratt Printing Building off of Hanawalt Street? 2) What did James Lawrie, Gardner Mudge, William Shaw, and Robert Hawkins all have in common? […]

Contract approved for Phase 2 of old RCA neighborhood

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At a recent meeting, the Monticello Board of Public Works and Safety approved a contract with Commonwealth Engineering for Phase 2 at the old RCA neighborhood. “We received a $2 millionplus grant for this opportunity,” said Mayor Cathy Gross. Besides replacing about 9,000 feet of the aging fourand six-inch water mains, which are over a century old, the company will […]

Monon Police awarded grant to curb dangerous driving

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The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) awarded $5.7 million in grant funding to more than 200 police departments for traffic enforcement. Among those receiving grants was the Monon Police Department. The department received $8,500. Departments will use the funding to conduct overtime patrols and carry out strategies aimed at curbing dangerous and reckless driving. “Most of their efforts will take […]

Eagles donate to Food Pantry

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