Virtual course to assist woodland owners



Registration is open for the upcoming Virtual Forest Management for the Private Woodland Owner Course, which will assist woodland owners in more effectively managing their land.

This series will provide 8 online meetings on Thursdays from 6-8:30 pm, starting Feb. 24. During the meetings, the biology and management of woodlands will be presented, and participants will be provided an opportunity to ask questions via the chat feature in Zoom. This course is designed to provide woodland owners an introduction to the biology of their forest, management options, and sources of assistance.

Registration and a $15 fee are required to participate, with registration deadline coming up on February 17. Sessions will focus on: tree identification, forest history and ecology, forest management planning, forest management practices, considerations for selling timber, woodland wildlife management, forest economics and taxation, and a review of resources and assistance for woodland owners. To register, please visit

If this topic is an interest of yours, I would recommend checking out Purdue Extension’s Forestry and Natural Resources website at This department provides helpful information and resources in the categories of aquaculture and aquatics, forests, woodlands, natural resource sustainability, wildlife, wood products, and urban forestry. It is also the home of the popular Got Nature? blog, which among other things posts frequent tree identification videos with Purdue Hardwood Extension Specialist Dr. Lenny Farlee.

For further tree knowledge, Purdue has an app for that: Fifty Trees of the Midwest, available for iPhones for $3.99. This app serves as a guide to the most common trees of the Midwest, helping you with identification, allowing you to create field notes, and import your photos for future reference.

Having issues with your trees? There’s an app for that too: the Purdue Tree Doctor, which helps you identify and manage problems with trees. Featuring over 60 trees and more than 175 common problems, this app provides thousands of high-resolution photos you can use to match issues you are seeing with your own trees. Once a problem is identified, control recommendations are also provided. This app is also available for Apple products for $1.99, and is part of a plant doctor app series, which also features Purdue Shrub Doctor, Purdue Annual Flower Doctor, Purdue Tomato Doctor, and Purdue Turf Doctor.

Andrew Westfall is the White County Ag and Natural Resources Extension Coordinator. He can be reached at

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