The protection of curbs


“When Moses told the people all the Lord’s words and laws, they responded with one voice.” “Everything the Lord has said, we will do.” “Moses then wrote down everything that the Lord had said.” (Exodus 24: 3-4)

What are some of the functions of curbs? They (usually) keep us on the path we are traveling. Curbs provide the boundaries where we park our vehicles. Curbs direct rain and snowmelt to drains. When streets are snow-covered, curbs keep us out of lawns and off sidewalks. We need curbs.

But have you ever driven over a curb? I hope this is an experience many have had, for I have done so several times. When parking lots are snow-covered, it is easy to drive over a hidden curb. My wife walked and tripped over a curb once with severe damage to her wrist and face.

If we drive over curbs, our cars can experience damage, as well, especially if our vehicles are low-lying. We can hear the scraping along the bottom of the car. Sometimes, if we are pinned in by other vehicles, we might even choose to deliberately run over a curb, without considering the damage.

Moses gave words of wisdom given to him by God on tablets of stone. We now call these The Ten Commandments. They were written by the finger of God, and God had to write them again on additional stone tablets because Moses destroyed the first set when he discovered that the Israelites had begun worshipping a calf made of gold. Moses was angry, but God was willing to give them a second chance.

We know the curbs in our lives. We know right from wrong. Just like while driving and parking, we pay attention to the curbs most of the time. We drive between the curbs as we drive, and we try to stay off the curbs when we park. We now have access to vehicles that drive and park themselves. That’s handy.

However, we are responsible for navigating through the streets and curbs of our moral lives. For those who do not yet know the salvation of Jesus Christ, sometimes the lines (curbs) of moral living are not as well known. But for those of us who have chosen to be a part of the family of God on earth, the curbs are clear, and we usually know when we run out of bounds.

What is even better is that the Holy Spirit guides us through the journeys of life and keeps us on the right path. “I lift up my eyes to the hills (where God and the Holy Spirit reside). Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” (Psalms 121:1-2)

That is the joy of having the Holy Spirit to guide us. We do not have to depend on our capabilities to avoid going out of bounds, over the curbs. We simply cannot avoid moral curbs without the help of the Holy Spirit. However, when we accidentally or deliberately cross the moral lines, we don’t get a ticket.

Nor do we suffer damage to our spiritual well-being because Jesus has already forgiven us for our moral lapses. However, we must not live on the wrong side of the curbs. That is our choice, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can quickly be back on the road that leads to eternal life.

We need curbs when we are driving and parking. Even more important, however, is that we respond righteously to the curbs that God presents to us. We acknowledge the guidance of the Holy Spirit and praise our Holy Father that He not only provides the curbs, but He helps us negotiate them.

Dear God, You are the Master lawgiver. We know the curbs that You have shown us for our protection. What is even greater is that the Holy Spirit guides us and keeps us able to avoid crossing the curbs. We need You every hour. Thank You for being there for us. In Christ’s name. Amen.

Jerry is just an ordinary Jesus follower who is blessed to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit in writing these articles. He is also a retired high school counselor who has learned many lessons from his students and friends through the years. Jerry can be reached at

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