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The Monon News June 26, 1942

Bob Ehlert has opened a machine shop in his Main Garage.

Wayne Kinser escaped injury when the bus he was riding overturned near Cambridge, Ohio, on Monday.

June 26, 1952

The Stanley Cafe’ will celebrate its 19th birthday anniversary Sunday, June 29, according to a large advertisement on page 7 of this issue of your News.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Abbott closed their Sugar Bowl Café Monday and announced that they had sold their lease on the room and equipment to Mrs. Ray Green and her daughter Jane Green.

Monon’s first Summer Recreation Program for school-age children got underway at the Monon Park Monday afternoon at 1 o’clock with Coach Don Kennedy supervising the activities. Baseball, archery, and croquet were major games offered the first afternoon, which closed with a series of group games.

Branches of the federal government are cooperating with the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis in assuring widespread distribution of 35,000,000 copies of the 1952 “Polio Pledge” for parents prepared by the March of Dimes organization.

Pfc Richard “Ding” Spear, basketball star during his high school days here, is now playing center with the “Hawks,” the Headquarters EUCOM Com Z basketball team, in Orleans, France. Spear is a member of the 302nd Field Hospital staff.

June 28, 1962

Eddie, the 4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ward, is recovering from a siege of German measles and accompanying illnesses which nearly proved fatal.

June 30, 1972

Mr. and Mrs. Deane Garwood say that their son Charles recently returned from the Far East and is now with the Air Corps in Washington, D.C., after a monthlong visit at home. Up until the first of this week they had not heard from him to know how he was making out in the flooded nation’s capital.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Scroggins and Candy and Terri Elmore spent two weeks earlier this month in Littleton, Colo., where they attended the graduation of Kathy Scroggins from High School. While they were there, they went on a trip to Pikes Peak. Accompanied by Robby Scroggins, they came back to Indiana thru the Black Hills and spent a night in Rapid City, leaving a few hours before it was flooded.

July 1, 1982

Monon’s first response purchased a 1974 ambulance from the Monticello Fire Department on June 17, 1982, for the purpose of better serving the town of Monon and its township.

The 1982 Monon Trailer’s Annual Children’s Parade will be held in conjunction with Monon’s “Little League Fun Day,” which will be celebrated on Saturday, July 10, at the Monon Park. The Parade will begin at noon.

Police received a report of a vehicle sitting on the railroad tracks 3 ½ miles south of Monon. The operator appeared to be ill. White County police were called and Monon police assisted with traffic due to an Amtrack train due. Upon investigation, police found the vehicle had been involved in a minor accident at First Street and Market Street where the vehicle had struck a highway sign. County police took charge of the incident.

News and Review June 26, 2002

Monon High School held its alumni meeting on June 15th at Pine View Resort near Monticello. There were nearly 200 people in attendance, and everyone enjoyed the night. This was the 100th anniversary of Monon High School, which originally started in 1902.

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