The Monon News June 12, 1942

The employees of Kruger Dairy gave a farewell party Tuesday night in honor of John Quade, who is entering the service.

June 19, 1942

The following men were inducted into the Army: Basil Barnhart, John Quade, Donald Grace, John Walters, and Harold May.

Dr. Wayne W. Houser is now a Captain in the Army. He will leave for duty around July 5th.

Joyce Hess, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hess, has been a patient in the St. Elizabeth hospital since Sunday, in Room 354, where her condition is “not too good yet,” according to her parents. X-rays were taken Tuesday. Joyce had been at the home of her brother, started to walk alone and unnoticed to the home of her parents. She collapsed at the John Cooley home, apparently from sunstroke and the Stewart Ambulance was called to remove her to the hospital.

June 19, 1952

Arthur Edward Desplinter, 48, owner and operator of the Monon Locker Plant, died suddenly two minutes before seven o’clock Thursday evening at St. Elizabeth hospital where he had been a patient for two days, He had entered the hospital following a heart attack suffered here. His wife was with him at the hospital and had stepped out of the room for a few minutes. When she returned she found him dead.

For sharing her ideas with listeners of Jo Wetzler’s Household Hints Program over WLS, Mrs. Bloice B. Barner earned a crisp, new one-dollar bill. Her idea, mark children’s handkerchiefs, slips, etc. with colored embroidery thread. Mark the handkerchiefs in one corner and the slips at the center front using two overcast stitches. Assign each child a certain color.

Pvt. Gene McKinley arrived home Monday on a twelve-day furlough from Camp Roberts, Calif. At the end of his furlough, he will report to a camp in New Jersey to await transportation to Austria.

Robert Manning, of Medaryville, was arrested by S.L. Burch, state policeman, on a warrant sworn out by Keith Jackson of Francesville on a charge of refusing to give the road to another car to pass. He was fined $1.00 and costs.

Lightning followed a power line into the Paul Horn home West of Monon on Road 16 during the Friday storm, igniting the refrigerator motor and blowing the door off the refrigerator. Mr. and Mrs. Horn were enroute home from Monon during the storm when their car drowned out in the heavy downpour of rain. They finally reached home about 6:30 to discover smoke pouring from the chimney, where it was being sucked thru the draft of an oil heating stove and from around the windows.

June 26, 1972

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Boylan returned home from a motor trip to Canada and New York. While gone they were marooned in a town in Pennsylvania due to a bad flood. They had to stay in a motel in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, for two days until water receded.

June 24, 1982

Monon Police want to inform all bicyclists that it is unlawful to ride a bicycle after dark without proper equipment (lights). Bicycles will be impounded at Town Hall and a possible penalty may follow.

Pvt. Joy A. Ray, daughter of John R. and Roberta H.P. Ray of Monon, has completed basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. During the training, students received instruction in drill and ceremonies, weapons, map reading, tactics, military, courtesy, military justice, first aid, and Army history and traditions. She is a 1981 graduate of North White High School in Monon.

Cary B. Dodge and Harold B. Dodge announced the purchase of the Twin Lakes Abstract CO. Inc. business located at 111 West Broadway in Monticello, IN.

June 18, 1992

Severe storms raked the area on Wednesday night with high winds and blowing rain. Many homes and businesses in Monon were without electricity for over 2 hours as crews worked to clean up downed trees and limbs which blocked several streets and roads in the area. Several trailers were blown over at the Monon Corporation storage lot on Quarry Road and one area on Stahl Road was struck especially hard as trees fells smashing cottages, garages, and damaging vehicles. At Annis Foods, a pole with a large transformer was blown over, smashing the transformer on the parking lot near the store.

News & Review June 19, 2002

The Monon Baptist Pre-School has named a new director and teacher to its program. Amber Stearns has been chosen to serve as the Pre-School Director and Kay Garwood will serve as the Assistant Teacher.

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