Man allegedly threatens highway employee with assault rifle

Earl McIntosh, 52

Earl McIntosh, 52

On Monday, Oct. 30, a White County dispatcher received a call from a White County Highway employee stating someone threatened him with a gun. The worker was mowing along 300 W between 850 N and State Road 16. It was there the worker told law enforcement officials they were threatened with a gun.

A detective drove by the property and found Earl McIntosh standing in his driveway holding an assault rifle.

At the scene, the detective spoke with a White County Highway worker who said he heard something hit the back of his tractor, looked back, and saw McIntosh holding a gun. McIntosh allegedly told the worker “not to touch his woods”. He also allegedly said, “I’m not going to shoot you because I gave you a warning.”

When the detective spoke with the suspect, he was confused why the workers were cutting on his land. The detective told McIntosh the area is the county’s right of way. Then, McIntosh accused the worker of being a part of Hells Angels.

When McIntosh was arrested, the detective found two other guns on him, according to the probable cause affidavit.

McIntosh is charged with intimidation with a deadly weapon.

He is currently in the White County Jail awaiting his jury trial scheduled for March, 14, 2024.

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