Candidates file for May Primary

The following list was submitted by Shanda Cortez, White County Government voter registration/election clerk. The list represents those who have filed for the May Primary.

Clerk of the Circuit Court 
Laura Cosgray (R)
Convention Delegate 
Jerry Altman (D)
Convention Delegate 
Robert (Bob) Callahan (R)
James Davis (R)
Stephen Grayson (R)
Carl McClaine (R)
David McClaine (R)
Debra McClaine (R)
Jamie McKean (R)
John McKean (R)
Timothy McQuinn (R)
Christopher Phillips (R)
Marla Storm (R)
County Assessor 
Lisa Downey (R)
County Auditor 
Elizabeth (Libby) Billue (R)
County Commissioner 
District 3 
Mark Helms (R)
Don Hurd (R)
Michael Smolek (R)
County Coroner 
Anthony (Tony) Deibel (R)
County Council 
Member – District 1 
Steven Christopher (R)
County Council 
Member – District 2 
James Annis (R)
County Council 
Member – District 3 
Raymond (Butch) Kramer Jr. (R)
County Council 
Member – District 4 
Janet Johnson Faker (R)
County Recorder 
Lori Austin (R)
County Sheriff
William (Bill) Brooks (R)
County Surveyor
Bradley Ward (R)
Prosecuting Attorney
Mark Delgado (R)
Stacey Diener (R)

State Representative –
District 16
Kendell Culp (R)
Barbara Neihouser (R)
Bryan Washburn (R)
Township Board
Member – Big Creek
Martin Cotterman (R)
Darlene Culver (R)
Lynn Teel (R)
Township Board
Member – Honey Creek
William Dahlenburg (R)
Daniel Westfall (D)
Ralph Zarse (D)
Township Board
Member – Jackson
Janet Blackburn (R)

Deena Byrkett (R)
Lynn McLeland (R)
Township Board
Member – Liberty
Rodney Conn (R)
Joy Cosgray (R)
Otto (Dick) Leis (R)
Michael McCormick (R)
Laura VanMeter (D)
Gregory Westerhouse (R)
Township Board
Member – Lincoln
Michael Kyburz (R)
Alan Sickler (R)
Sherry Stoll (R)
Township Board
Member – Monon
Jennifer Annis (R)

Roger Young (R)
Township Board
Member – Union
Robert Hickman (R)
Larry Holderly (R)
Timothy McQuinn (R)
Jacqueline (Jacquie) Wright (R)
Township Trustee –
Big Creek
Nancy Loy (R)
Township Trustee –
Amanda Cosgray (R)
Township Trustee –
Honey Creek
Sharon Brooks (R)
Township Trustee –
Gina Marquess (R)
Township Trustee –
Joan Alma (R)
John Mitchell (D)
Township Trustee –
Jeff Faker (R)
Township Trustee –
Jacob Garling (R)

Township Trustee –
Jill Mears (R)
Township Trustee –
Thomas Bajzatt (R)
Township Trustee –
Round Grove
David Lehe (R)
Township Trustee –
Leslie Bruder (R)
Township Trustee –
West Point
Margaret Foutch (D)
U.S. Representative –
4th District
James Baird (R)
Thomas Bookwalter (R)
Roger Day (D)
United States
Representative 4th
Howard Pollchik (D)
U.S. Senator
Haneefah Khaaliq (D)
Valerie McCray (D)
Thomas McDermott (D)
Danny Niederberger (R)
Todd Young (R)

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